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Below is a guide as to what parts your bike may need and how much they are likely to cost.

What we have in stock varies, so please get in touch if you know there's a specific part you need.

many prices for are based on the cost of good, used parts, rather than new.

Bikes will often need:

Brake Pads (2 pairs): £10 rim / £20 disc

Full-bike new brake gear cables and housing (Fibrax stainless steel): £20

Or single length of gear/brake cable + housing: £10

Chain*: £20 (upto 8s, more for 9s+)

*if your chain is very worn you'll need a freewheel/cassette (£25), and in some circumstances new chainrings or a crankset (£35).

and may need:

Rim tape strip (nylon): £3 each / £5 pair

Innertube: £5 each

Tyres: £15 each / £28 pair

Basic freewheel / cassette: £25 / £30

Derailleur (front / rear): £25

Bottom bracket (sealed square taper): £30

and sometimes need:

used plastic pedals: £5

Crankset: £40

Chainrings: £20

new rim brake front wheel: £30 single wall / £40 double wall

new rim brake rear wheel: £45 single wall / £55 double wall

Shifters: £15 each

Brake levers: £20 pair

Brake calipers: £20 pair

V-brakes: £20 full-set

Disc rotor: £10 each

Quick release skewers: £5 each / £8 pair

Handlebars: £15

Seatpost: £20

Saddle: £15

Side Dishes

Schrader to presta valve adapter: £1/FREE
Bike pump (for presta and schrader valve): £5
Puncture repair kit: £5
Bottle cage: £5
 Multitool: £10
centre-mount Kickstand: £10 (normally silver)
Mudguards: £45 (normally black, plastic, full length)

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