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Pay What You Can, Mobile Bicycle Repair
Reading, Berks.

Pay What You Can (PWYC)

Pay What You Can means you pay what you can comfortably afford.

We run on the principal of solidarity, not charity. Paying the suggested price -- or more -- directly supports others who can't afford the same.

bikes are for everyone and so are we.

Servicing + Repairs

Mobile servicing starts from £55 for basic check-and-tune-up service, excluding any parts.

We're all about repairs first and sales second, and every bike that we work on will leave in the best condition it can be in, with the parts that it has. When you do need new parts, they'll be priced according to the Parts Menu.

Suggested Prices

All prices are Pay What You Can (PWYC)

Basic Workshop Service

£35 / PWYC

Standard service, not including cost of parts.

  • puncture repair
  • tuning gears
  • adjusting brakes
  • oiling chain
  • inflating tyres
  • adjusting wheel hubs + headset
  • checking nuts + bolts etc.

Mobile Service

£55 / PWYC

The standard mobile service charge. parts not included -- please see Parts Menu for pricing. Work undertaken may include:

  • Everything in the previous list
  • Replacing brake pads -- average parts cost £10
  • replacing chain + cassette or freewheel -- average parts cost £50
  • replacing inner and outer brake + gear cables -- average parts cost £25
  •  Cleaning off cobwebs/rehoming spiders etc.
Workshop Service

£75 / PWYC

If your bike has been rusting in the garden for long enough that plants are growing out of the saddle, it may require more work than can be done with the parts that we travel with. If this is the case, please contact us (Phone/text/Whatsapp) so you can drop your bike off at our workshop for a more in-depth service, which may include:

  • replacing tyres / wheels -- average parts cost £ 30 / £70
  • servicing or replacing bottom bracket / headset -- average parts cost £30 / £20
  • Cleaning off cobwebs and giving your bike a quick scrub down
  • Other fancy stuff like upgrades that require ordering additional parts etc.

Individual Repairs

Suggested prices for individual repairs and standalone jobs

  • puncture repair -- £10 using refurbished tube, £15 with new tube;
  • Chain repair -- £10 (not replacement. 9 speed chains and upwards £10);
  • Wheel truing -- £15 per wheel (+£1 per spoke if required);
  • Bleeding brakes -- £25 per brake, £40 for both;
  • Installing mudguards -- basic MTB style £20 / full-length SKS £55. both including parts;
  • fitting bottle cage/holder -- £5 used, £10 new;
  • Fitting kickstand/bike stand -- £15 including centre-mount alloy stand.

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